From the Mayor

March 23, 2020 By William Acee

We are all adjusting to a new normal when it comes to the Coronavirus. The panic may cause more damage than the virus, if it hasn’t already. However, the undeniable truth is that the virus must be taken seriously. Everyone by now has heard the warnings that the virus is an increased threat to those who are already dealing with underlying health issues. I have spoken to friends and family who are at risk with underlying health problems and one said “I don’t want to die”. So, I am asking that we all take the health advisories seriously and be smart. Wash your hands, cough into your elbow, social distance (at least 6 feet). If you think you have been infected stay home and away from other people! Clean all touched surfaces regularly to minimize spread especially doorknobs, push bars and tabletops. NYS has issued a “pause” to slow the spread so that the health care system does not become overwhelmed. Stay home if you are not considered an essential employee and if you are sick, self-quarantine. We will rebuild a stronger and more resilient economy in a few months when this threat has passed.

While we can’t see the virus, we all have seen the enhanced images of the novel COVID-19 online or in printed media. It is very small and invisible to the naked eye. How small is it? If the virus particles were lined next to each other side by side, you could line up about 700 virus particles within the width of a human hair. These microscopic particles float around and stick to surfaces. Once those particles reach your nasal passages or throat they then multiply over and over again. These particles fill the lungs and cause difficulty breathing, some have said it feels like they are drowning. Most will recover but again, older people and those with underlying health conditions may not. My source is Wikipedia, CDC, WEB MD and the WHO.

On the Village side, effective March 13th till further notice I have restricted the Firehouse area at the municipal building to authorized personnel only in order to help protect our EMS providers. Beginning March 23rd, Village will be closing our offices to the public. Village taxes are due this month as well. You may pay your bills by using the drop box by the front door of the Municipal Building, mail or use your banks online bill payor system. We understand these are trying times.

Finally, if you are using wipes to clean surfaces please dispose of them in the trash rather than flushing them. They do not breakdown like toilet paper, this will help avoid clogging sewer lines and pumps. If you think you have been infected, Bassett Hospital has established a COVID-19 hotline – 607-547-5555. If your neighbors are alone, check on them, they may need help. Practice social distancing and increased situational awareness.

There is no doubt we will come through this and most likely stronger. There is no need for panic, just common sense and some smart health practices.